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Kristen Sheppard is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) with over 29 years of experience, licensed in four states (MA, NH, VT, and FL).  

Kristen has extensive experience over the years with review of various forms of records – special education, adoption, trauma, substance abuse, and mental health.


Specializing in the review of various forms of records – special education, trauma, adoption, substance abuse, and mental health.

Are you having concerns that a school district isn’t following the special education evaluations and a second set of eyes on records prior to the next meeting?  Are you struggling to set up services or benefits for a loved one and not sure how to phrase things or where to start with the application?  Do you need help reviewing your adoption records to better understand how your story started?  


Kristen is available for consultations, a review of records with a written report on my findings, and help with applying for services and benefits.


Clinical immigration evaluations

Kristen is also available for clinical immigration evaluations.  Kristen was trained in the summer of 2022 on various types of cases including petitions for hardship waivers, domestic violence (VAWA), and asylum cases.   

Kristen offers a unique blend of empathy and expertise, with a deep understanding of the complexities and nuances of immigration processes.  Her dedication to ensuring fair and accurate evaluations is unwavering and will approach each case with sensitivity and precision.  She is committed to helping individuals and families make their immigration dreams a reality by providing thorough assessments and documentation.

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