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Speaking Engagements.

Kristen is available for keynote speaking engagements, trainings in various areas, and public speaking engagements.  She brings not only her extensive professional experience but also her personal experiences.  She brings in audience participation with each event, providing more of a audience engagement.


Kristen Sheppard is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) with over 29 years of experience, licensed in four states (MA, NH, VT, and FL).  Kristen brings a unique set of skills to her work as a therapist, advocate, public speaker, trainer, writer and mother.  


As a lifelong learner, she continues to grow in all aspects of public policy whenever possible.  Her passions of reducing mental health stigma, disabilities rights, adoption issues, and equality for all is prevalent in the work she does.  

Kristen’s true passion for change came from her children, who taught her resilience and to advocate on a whole different level.  Kristen has three boys, each with unique talents and needs.


Most recently Kristen has worked to help stop the stigma of mental health, testify for legislation that will help those with disabilities to live a fuller more productive life, and work toward a more accepting society.  

Kristen has provided trainings for first responders in the state of New Hampshire with NAMI NH, given keynote speeches to other professionals, and trainings in working with families with an a child with disabilities.

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